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Maynard Dixon was well known for his oil paintings and watercolors, but many collectors find Maynard Dixon drawings some of his most compelling work.  Mark Sublette Medicine Man Gallery, one of the leading authorities on Maynard Dixon, has over 75 Maynard Dixon drawings on display and for sale in his gallery located in Tucson Arizona. You can also see some excellent examples in the Medicine Man Canyon Road Gallery located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. An extensive resource of Dixon's work can be found at

Maynard Dixon started drawing as a very early boy and even sent original work to the famous illustrator Frederick Remmington who encouraged the fifteen year old Dixon to continue his work and to  "draw, draw, draw".  Maynard Dixon took this to heart and over the next half century did just that. 

Canyon Del Muerto, Conte Crayon, c. 1923 13" x 16"

There are probably over a thousand drawings that are still in existence and many more that we will never know about.  Maynard Dixon used his drawing abilities as painters today use a camera.  Maynard Dixon would sketch out a quick study that might end up being an important painting.   Some of Dixon's best known images started out as a small three by three inch graphite drawing.

Tobins Camp in the Aspens, Nevada, c 1927, Pen and Ink 9.5" x 15"

Maynard Dixon drawings today can be purchased for as little as a thousand dollars to in excess of one hundred thousand. It is important when purchasing any work of art, but especially drawings, to make sure that a letter of authenticity accompany's the piece.  It is best to purchase Maynard Dixon drawings from one of the recognized authorities as many of these are unsigned.

St. Ignatius Montana, Graphite on Paper, c. 1909  8" x 10.5"

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